Recently, according to overseas media reports, Toyota, in cooperation with Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization and Sharp Corporation, has developed a new type of solar cell which can be installed on the roof, hood, rear cover and other parts. The conversion efficiency of solar cells is as high as 34%, and the power is as high as 860 watts. It is estimated that electric vehicles will be able to increase their range by 44.5 kilometers per day.

As early as 2010, Toyota has introduced similar technologies, but due to the immature development of the industry, it has not been widely used. Nowadays, with the rapid development of new energy technology, Toyota has restarted this technology and greatly improved the conversion efficiency, which is of great significance. But at present, Toyota has not disclosed the time when the technology will be used in mass production.

Toyota has excellent power transmission efficiency and battery durability technology in the industry, so it embodies a very strong advantage in hybrid electric vehicles. However, in the background of the industry marching into pure electric vehicles, Toyota is somewhat at a loss and has been slow to respond. However, in a series of recent gestures, Toyota’s technological advantages in the field of electronics are still very obvious. Do you like solar energy technology for the coming era of electrification?