Sincerity If you don't believe in it, you can't do it.

Unhonest Confucianism leads to miscellaneous learning, dishonest conduct leads to failure, dishonest schemes lead to deception and abandonment of oneself, and dishonest people lead to loss of morality and increase resentment.

Diligence Wide-minded and fair-minded, thick-accumulated and thin-haired

A trickle of water can wear away a boulder, not because of its strength, but because of the dropping day and night. Only through hard work and unremitting efforts can those skills be acquired.

innovate Scholars, though learned, behave in a natural way.

Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is the priority, and imagination summarizes everything in the world, promotes progress, and is the source of knowledge progress.

Be dedicated We must know where chaos begins and how can we cure it?

If a person does not have enough faith in his profession and ambition, he only knows that there is such a profession in his heart, only admits it, and only respects it.

Unite If one loves another, he will love < br > and benefit others, so will he.

If a person is on his own, outside the collective relationship, outside the periphery of any great idea of uniting the people, he will become lazy, conservative and antagonistic to the development of life.

Insist He who has no strong ambition is not wise.

Since you are looking forward to a brilliant and great life, you should start today with unshakable determination and unswerving faith, and with your wisdom and perseverance, to create happiness for you and mankind.