Jiangsu Weize Composite, a young and outstanding team.

  • Founded in May 2017, there are 120 employees.
  • Working with two major universities, 46 R&D teams
  • It can produce 50,000-300,000 pieces of composite products annually.
  • This is Jiangsu Weize Composite, a rapidly rising supplier of lightweight integrated solutions for composite materials.

Comprehensive Composite Material Solution Based on Lightweight Requirement

Jiangsu Weize provides customers with a full range of professional solutions for target products. The service scope starts from design and optimization, engineering research and development, mass production, testing, and ultimate after-sales service.

We will implement our commitment to customers throughout every step of R&D and production process, and restore to the greatest extent the customer’s idealized vision of the product.

Understanding of Composite Materials by Jiangsu Weize

  • Everlasting lightness
  • More secure & many excellent performances
  • More competitive price-highly industrialized products