Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The proportion of car accidents caused by tyre burst is very high in malignant traffic accidents, and insufficient tyre pressure is the main cause of all factors causing tyre burst. This is not sensational. Even if you don’t choose a vehicle with tire pressure monitoring, you should pay more attention to the tires of the vehicle to avoid serious damage to people and vehicles.

When the tire pressure is too high, the contact area between the tire and the ground will be reduced. At this time, the pressure on the tire will be relatively increased, and the grip of the tire will be affected. In addition, when a vehicle passes through a ditch or bumpy road surface, there is not enough space in the tire to absorb vibration. In addition to affecting the driving stability and riding comfort, it will also cause greater impact on the suspension system, which will also bring harm. At the same time, the hidden danger of tire burst will increase correspondingly at high temperature.

Importance of TPMS

High Voltage Alarm

Low Voltage Alarm

High Temperature Alarm

Leakage Alarm

  • Preventing tire burst
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Wear reduction
  • Safer

TPMS can not only maintain the standard tire pressure and ensure driving safety, but also reduce fuel consumption and prolong the service life of tires.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Series Products