Let life "convenient, safe, beautiful" concept, in the field of automotive parts and components continue to seek new, realistic development.


Tire pressure monitoring system

Master the core technology of tire pressure monitoring, develop and upgrade constantly, only for more accurate data.

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Create value for customers

Jiangsu Weize

Jiangsu Weize Motor Locomotive Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong Economic Development Zone, China Economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Shanghai. It is an automotive parts company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Now it has branches in Shanghai, Jiading, Nanjing and Germany. Weize is based on the automotive industry, and its core products include automotive electronic sensors, tire pressure monitoring system, 360 ring-view system, etc. The company has always adhered to the concept of “convenient, safe and beautiful life”, constantly seeking new and realistic development in the field of automotive parts.

Solar Series

Solar charging, long battery life
No wiring, arbitrary placement
Monitoring at any time, real-time alarm
Streamlined appearance design, concise and generous
Unit Switching Arbitrarily Globally
The pressure and temperature are clear at a glance.

Voice Alarm Series

Do not occupy any interface of the original vehicle
Real-life voice alarm prompt
APP Display
Arbitrary Adjustment of Pressure and Temperature 
Stop the car and start the door with full air.
Unit Switching Arbitrarily Globally

Android Large Screen

Special for Android Large Screen Machine
Audio alarm of original car
USB Connection-free Non-destructive Installation
Arbitrary adjustment of pressure unit
Learning mode, rotation mode
Multilingualism Worldwide

Starting from the demand of lightweight

Composite Solution

Jiangsu Weize provides customers with a full range of target products glass fiber (carbon fiber) solutions. The service scope starts with design and optimization, engineering research and development, mass production, testing, and final after-sales service.

We will implement our commitment to customers throughout every step of R&D and production process, and restore to the greatest extent the customer’s idealized vision of the product.

  • Everlasting lightness
  • More secure & many excellent performances
  • More competitive price-highly industrialized products